Green Shoots

About Us

Since inception, we have helped fund over $300M in some of the world's most sustainable and impactful technologies.

We are also in the process of closing our latest fund, London Impact Growth Fund, where we are raising over $200M, with a view to deploy and allocate capital within the next 12 months.

London Impact Ventures

Who We Are

London Impact Ventures is an all-stage venture capital firm that works with companies and innovators at every stage of maturity and strives to be part of their journey to achieve their full potential and mission in driving change and disruption within their respective industries.

“Our aim is not only to generate profit but generate profit with a purpose”

About us
London Impact Ventures

What We Do

  • Our Mission

    To forge strategic partnerships between companies and investors with the aim to build a diversified portfolio that attracts risk-adjusted returns over the medium to long-term.

  • Our Values

    We strive to maximise growth and profitability through our investments whilst maintaining our core value of demonstrating social responsibility.

  • Our Strategy

    We help identify and analyse companies which have the ability to show high growth and disruption within their respective sectors.

  • Our Vision

    To invest in companies that are not only well positioned to create a more sustainable future but that have the ability to transform the global economy.